24 Hours to Improving Fever Blisters

An important business meeting is coming up, a wedding is only days away or an interview for a dream job is scheduled to begin in 24 hours. What happens? A cold sore develops, of course. Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, do not need people to be sick to arrive. They thrive when stress levels increase and that, unfortunately, tends to be when a big event is planned. No one feels confident when they are sporting a sore on their face. That is why acting fast to eliminate the blemish before the big day is important. Luckily, it is possible to eliminate a cold sore in a few hours or block one from developing at all.

Step One: Buy Some Supplies

Purchase some genuine vanilla, some tea tree oil and a gallon of whole milk. Order The Inhibitor in advance. This device works for a variety of skin blemishes in addition to cold sores, so it is a handy appliance to keep in the home.

Step Two: Prepare the Body

Practice some stress relieving techniques like meditation or Yoga. Stay out of the sun because sun exposure encourages cold sore development and growth. Increase the consumption of whole milk, berries and foods rich in Vitamin C and E. Eat foods rich in zinc like red meat and oysters and avoid spicy foods. Use The Inhibitor every two or three hours on the spot where the sore is developing or on the actual lesion.

Step Three: Treat the Area

Continue to use The Inhibitor as directed. Alternate applying ice packs and cold milk compresses every couple of hours for sessions lasting about 10-15 minutes each. Between compresses add a few drops of tea tree oil or vanilla directly to the spot. Avoid applying vinegar, alcohol and other drying agents on lesions. These products can cause discomfort and will cause the skin to scab, become too dry and begin itching. Essential oils and vanilla are more comfortable and heal the skin without causing scarring or discomfort.

The worry is over if the cold sore is prevented from developing. Launder all hand towels and replace toothbrushes if the cold sore has developed before the effort begins. Doing this will help to prevent additional outbreaks. Devoting a day to treating a fever blister may seem overzealous, but it is the only way to eradicate the problem quickly.