In the event your device is defective and provided it is free of customer abuse, tampering, or damage, you have 90 days from your purchase date to return the Inhibitor (White, consumer, light use, cold sore, 2-lights model) and 1 year for the Viral Inhibitor (Blue, professional, heavy use, all herpes, 4-lights model) to get a replacement.

  • Please check your receipt for the purchase date for warranty expiration.
  • Test your device before returning your personal Inhibitor.
  • Call 1 (800) 680-7246 and get your Return Authorization number (RA).
  • Seal your contaminated Inhibitor & cap in a plastic bag. Please leave any papers out of the bag
  • Include your return authorization, receipt, name, address, phone and e-mail address.
  • Enclose a $19.95 check or money order for test and handling.
  • Return: Ship your papers, payment and failed sealed Inhibitor or Viral Inhibitor to:
    Beta Marketing Group
    1209 Checkmark Avenue
    North Las Vegas, NV 89032

We will check your warranty coverage. If warranty has expired, then your product will be returned. We will also perform a Beta Test to clean the probe tips cleaned and complete an operational test. If the device is ok, we will indicate so and return it back to you. If the product fails, we will replace the device and ship it back to you with the remainder of your old warranty.

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