Three Laws to Know When Working With Cold Sores

Cold sores are not fun for anyone and they do concern a lot of people despite the rarity of them developing into a serious health issue. Most of the time they are nothing more than an annoyance and a potentially embarrassing blemish. However, when it comes to going to work with a visible cold sore there are things people should remember.

Respect its Contagious Nature

HSV-1 is one of the most contagious diseases spread among the human population. There are wide ranging estimates that state as much as 40-80 percent of the adults in the world already have the virus in their system. However, that means there are people that have avoided the virus and want to stay away from it. Anyone with a cold sore has a responsibility to be cautious in all work settings to do what they can to not spread the condition. This means keeping their hands off their face, frequent hand washing and not sharing anything that has touched their mouth.

Avoid Those at Risk

Daycare workers, health care providers and teachers are all examples of people that come into close contact with many young people. Babies and toddlers are extremely vulnerable to the virus and it can be deadly to them. Another group that is susceptible to serious complications from HSV-1 are the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. Home caregivers and health care workers, as well as anyone working with the elderly or the ill in any capacity, should always wear a face mask when possible. Avoid work while the sores are contagious if wearing a face mask is not possible.

Get it Under Control

Reduce the potential for spreading the virus by getting cold sore outbreaks under control. Sunlight and stress are common triggers that produce more frequent outbreaks. Learning personal triggers and managing them may cut down the number of cold sores that develop. Preventative options like taking zinc and Vitamin C may help as well. The Inhibitor is a device that has been proven to shorten outbreaks and even stop the development of the sores if used when the tingling or burning sensation first begins.

No one wants to miss out on anything in their lives because of a cold sore. Work is even more concerning than social events since it is how people earn a living. This is why understanding causes and treatment options are so important. Every case is a little different, but by paying attention to when outbreaks occur and learning more about preventative measures it is possible to have a life that is not ruled by cold sores.

If you suffer from chronic cold sore outbreaks then look into buying The Inhibitor. It’s a non-invasive and prescription-free device that helps prevent cold sores from ever breaking out.