Treating Cold Sores: The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard

A quick Google search will reveal a solution for any problem. Bad breath? Solved. Headaches? No problem. Cancer? Easily fixed. It is possible to find answers to many problems online, but everyone has to be careful before they try any solutions. There are many that will do more harm than good. Obviously, a life-threatening health crisis requires professional medical treatment, but even less serious health concerns are made worse with some of the “remedies” suggested. Here are some of the worst we have found for dealing with cold sores.

Popping the Blister
This is the most common “treatment” used and it is one of the most dangerous. First, the human body behaves a certain way for a reason. The fluid inside a blister and the layer of skin holding the fluid in are both protecting the sensitive new skin underneath. Popping the blister exposes the skin before it is ready and increases the risk of a secondary infection. Secondly, the fluid contains the virus that causes cold sores. Popping a blister increases the chance of additional sores and makes it easy to spread the virus to others.

Using Polish Remover
Many swear by applying nail polish remover to a cold sore to dry it out faster. This tip includes two bad ideas. One is popping the blister (see above) and the other is applying the polish remover to the raw lesion. Not only will this hurt tremendously, it is also risky for the skin. Nail polish remover is acetone and this chemical absorbs oils from the skin, leaving it red, itchy and chapped. The already uncomfortable and damaged skin around the cold sore will only hurt more and it may require longer to heal.

Lighting a Match
This advice directs people to light a match, blow it out and press it onto the cold sore. There is no science or sense in this suggestion. In addition, cold sores often cause a painful burning sensation. Why would anyone want to make it worse?

Using Bodily Fluids
These next two pieces of advice win for being the most disgusting suggestions. Treating cold sores naturally is appealing to many people, but using ear wax or urine is just a little too natural. American research studies have shown that ear wax (cerumen) has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, but cold sores are caused by a virus and not a bacteria or fungus. The wax does shield the sore and that shielding may help the healing process. However, petroleum jelly or lip balm will do the same. Many websites claim that cerumen has been proven by Russian scientists to be a cure for herpes sores, but no evidence of these studies has been found. As for urine, it does contain urea and that is an ingredient used in cold sore medications. However, it is not the only ingredient medications contain and urea is not all that is in urine. Cold sores already cause enough embarrassment. Do people really want to also walk around with urine and ear wax smeared on their face?

There are no cures for cold sores, but there are legitimate treatments that prevent them from forming and heal faster those that do form. These remedies are not disgusting or painful. There is no reason for anyone to take risks with their health when safe, clinically-proven solutions are available.

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