Seven Signs You Should Treat Your Cold Sores

The occasional cold sore outbreak during cold or flu season is something many people can shrug off and manage on their own. These are rare occurrences that fade away quickly and cause only a small amount of discomfort. However, this is not the experience that everyone has when a cold sore develops. For some people it is a problem that affects both their personal and professional lives. Here are some examples of when cold sores have gone beyond the nuisance stage and need a more proactive approach.

#1 – Missing out on social events.
Cancelling dates, avoiding lunch with friends or staying home rather than attending concerts or other activities means that cold sores are taking over your life. It is time to do something more when the embarrassment or the pain overtakes the desire to have fun.

#2 – Missing work because of a cold sore.
A single small outbreak is frustrating, but most people will power through their day. A little makeup or small bandage can shield the sore and be enough to disguise the small blemish. They become a costly liability when the sores are large, swollen or appear so often that people avoid their co-workers and make excuses for their absences.

#3 – Spending too much time and money on “cures”.
The Internet is a source of endless remedies. Most do not work and some are dangerous. When someone is constantly shopping for ingredients for their miracle salve or are using their free time each night to soak their face in lukewarm tea bags- it is time to realize that “secret” ancient remedies are not the answer.

#4 – Repeatedly experiencing breakouts.
The best reason to seek a genuinely effective answer is when cold sore outbreaks are happening more frequently. It is possible to withstand one or two experiences each year during cold or flu season. When the outbreaks happen monthly it is no longer something to ignore.

#5 – Previous cure attempts have resulted in scarring.
It is easy to forget how miserable a cold sore makes life until people start to see scars. When the pain of a sore and the disgust with how it looks encourages someone to pick at the blemish to eradicate it, even at the expense of their skin, a better solution is necessary.

#6 – You notice people without cold sores – and are jealous.
When the first thing someone notices about others is that they are cold sore-free, it is obvious that too much of their time and energy is devoted to managing this health concern. Cold sores do not deserve that much attention. Solutions are available that can make them a minimal concern.

#7 – The receptionist no longer asks why you are making an appointment with the doctor.
Repeated visits to the doctor for cold sores is not something to ignore. This is especially true if the outbreaks are becoming more severe and not just more frequent. Multiple sores appearing during an outbreak, repeated infections or large areas of redness and swelling are signs that the body is struggling to fight the virus on its own. As long as the doctor has made certain your immune system is healthy, the problem is likely that your body is just struggling to manage the constant strain from the repeated outbreaks. Finding a natural, more effective solution will give your immune system a rest.