Seven Celebrities That Have Cold Sores Too

Cold sores are a problem that affects men and women of every age. HSV-1, the virus that causes cold sores, is an equal opportunity nuisance. When an outbreak occurs it is difficult for anyone to feel attractive let alone actually glamorous. Maybe that is why it is hard to imagine any Hollywood celebrities suffering from this common disease. No matter how elite or perfect they may seem in glossy magazine and on the screen, celebrities really are only human. To prove that point here is a list of seven well-known faces that are subject to the same frustrating skin condition as many everyday Americans.

Alexa Chung

British Fashion Model and TV Personality
Modeling is not a profession that allows much imperfection and Alexa Chung is very careful to always present her best image when in public. It was for this reason she wrote an article about her cold sores and how they affect her life. She admits her embarrassment of her outbreaks has prevented her from leaving her home at times. However, she has also proven that it is possible to live an exceptonal life even with cold sores. She still models, is honest with people when an outbreak is underway to prevent spreading the virus and has managed to snag herself a very handsome high-profile boyfriend, Alexander Skarsgard.

Victoria Beckham

Fashion Designer and Former Spice Girl
Beckham is not the sort to ever look anything but fashionable and gorgeous. After all, she was not given the name “Posh Spice” for nothing. However, photos taken of her attempting to shield her cold sore from the paparazzi proved that even the posh are at risk of cold sores. That outbreak began after a long week of partying and other occasions when cold sores were obvious it was when she was known to be suffering with cold or flu viruses. This is clear proof that allowing the immune system to get run down often leads to an outbreak.

Lindsay Lohan

Before the filming of Scary Movie 5 Lindsay Lohan made headlines when she refused to kiss Charlie Sheen in the film. She feared contracting cold sores from him because of his reputation. Unfortunately, whether it was Sheen or someone else, Lohan was still exposed. Photos have shown her in mid-outbreak and gossip tabloids have stated that they tend to happen in sync with her menstrual cycle. That is more information than anyone needs to know, but it is true that many cold sore outbreaks are caused by hormonal changes.


Singer and Songwriter
In addition to suffering from cold sores, Rihanna is also in the middle of a strange lawsuit regarding HSV-1. The singer has never denied her cold sore problem and has been photographed with the sores showing prominently. A lawsuit was not filed against Rihanna, but listed MAC Cosmetics as the defendant. A woman alleges she was approached by a representative of the cosmetic company during a Rihanna concert with a tube of lipstick the singer had endorsed. The representative had the woman apply the lipstick to test the shade. She agreed and within a few days was diagnosed with HSV-1. Apparently the representative had only one tube of the lipstick and encouraged multiple people in the audience to use it. Yet another reason why people should never share makeup, utensils or drinking containers with anyone else.

Brad Pitt

Actor and Producer
A-list superstar and husband to equally A-list Angelina Jolie has been known to have HSV-1 for over 20 years. It is pretty easy to see that the condition has not cost him any acting roles or fans. There is no word on exactly where he may have contracted the virus, but reports all agree that it happened long before his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

David Beckham

Former Soccer Star
It should come as no surprise that Beckham would suffer from HSV-1 considering his wife has been spotted with the condition too. Cold sores are incredibly contagious and not contracting the virus when someone in the home has it is nearly impossible over time. Most reports claim he did contract the virus from his wife Victoria.

Bill Clinton

Former President
President Clinton’s past is often deemed as the reason for his outbreak, but despite his apparent indiscretions this was not how he came to have the virus. Clinton, according to lifelong friends, suffered from cold sores since childhood and has experienced the occasional outbreak throughout his life.

The Internet hack of Sony pictures revealed a lot of juicy information the company was not thrilled to have made public. One of these tidbits was the form that actors were required to complete. The Cold Sore Questionnaire was deemed offensive to some, so much so that one actor refused to complete it. It was also discovered through the leak that one actress, who remained unnamed, did have the virus. The company policy required that anyone testing positive must be under prescription treatment and provide proof their condition was under control before filming.