The Five Best Mobile Apps for Cold Sore Sufferers


There is an app for everything today, so no one should feel surprised when they learn that guidance and advice for their cold sore problem is only a tap, or swipe, away. Here are five apps, in no particular order, that offer a lot of information and advice for free. Not all of these apps are specifically designed for people with cold sores, but what they offer is often still useful for controlling outbreaks.

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#1 Trigger- Cold Sore Cure 1.0

Obviously, there is no cure for cold sores regardless of what this app may be named. Despite its boastful title, it is still a valuable app to have. Users track their activities, diet and other lifestyle options as well as recording cold sore outbreaks. The app helps to determine possible personal triggers and warns when entering a “outbreak danger zone”. The more conscientious the user is about adding their information, the more effective the app is about predicting an outbreak risk. Download Trigger.


#2 SympTracker 1.0 for iOS

This app has features similar to Trigger, but also includes medical advice, lets people track how effective the treatments they have tried are and provides information about taking preventative measures. The chronic cold sore sufferer may not find a lot of advice or facts that they do not already know, but the reminders and trackers are worth the download.


#3 Hift – the Dating App

It may seem out of place to add a dating app to a list for cold sore sufferers, but this dating site is not a traditional matchmaking business. Hift is designed specifically for people with Herpes and STDs. There are a number of similar sites, but this is one of the few that specifically includes a category for HSV-1 sufferers, rather than including everyone under the herpes category. The benefit for singles using this app is the opportunity to find a partner that understands the embarrassment and frustration cold sores cause. The company keeps all of their information protected, so the privacy of all members is safe. Download Hift.


#4 Headspace – Guided Meditation

Since many people suffer outbreaks more frequently and more severely during times of stress, a meditation app may help to reduce the problem. Headspace is one of the most popular apps of this kind and is appreciated by many for its basic, down-to-earth exercises. The app offers simple techniques that anyone can enjoy. Download Headspace.


#5 ApreSkin

Most skincare apps are only focused on beauty routines or cosmetics. This app is different because it is health-based. The app scans the skin and determines its overall health including dryness, red patches or other concerns. It provides information about caring for the skin, notifies the user when a serious concern is noticed and sets alerts regarding the weather or other issues that could affect the skin. Cold sore sufferers often experience outbreaks when they get too much sun or when their skin becomes too dry. A few reminders to take better care of the skin may help to reduce outbreaks. Download ApreSkin.