10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Cold Sores

The dreaded cold sore is not just another blemish. It is a week-long (or longer) bit of misery. There are many reasons people want to spend their days hiding in bed when they are suffering from this common annoyance. Here are just a few of the ways cold sores make life a little less pleasant.

1. Cold sores are painful.

From the very first “tingle” to the tight, burning sensation as they crust over and heal up, a cold sore is a constant misery. During the lifespan of a cold sore every bite of salty or spicy food will find the lesion and the sufferer will unintentionally swipe over it too aggressively every time they wash their face. Even people that are excruciatingly careful to not touch their cold sore will manage to actually touch it a dozen times a day and make it start to burn and throb yet again.

2. The fear of infection.

Infection is rare, but it is a concern. If a cold sore becomes infected it will become larger, more painful and even less attractive. It will also mean a trip to the doctor and a dose of antibiotics.

3. Fear of the sores spreading.

Cold sores can multiply because the fluid in them is contagious. One sore is terrible, but a weakened immune system or a period of stress can cause one sore to become multiple sores and make the sufferer feel like a leper.

4. There is potential for scarring.

When left alone to heal naturally most cold sores will fade away and leave nothing behind. However, picking at the lesion or dealing with a bad outbreak that becomes infected will increase the risk of a scar.

5. Cold sores look terrible.

Cold sores are offensive even if they are small, not infected and tucked into the corner of the mouth. No one feels confidant and attractive during an outbreak. There is no effective way to cover the sore, and many attempts only draw even more attention.

6. People mistake it for an STD.

Yes, cold sores are a form of herpes, but they are caused by a completely different strain of the virus that causes the sexually transmitted disease. However, not everyone understands (or believes) this fact.

7. People avoid contact during outbreaks.

Cold sores are not dangerous. Yes, there are exceptions but those cases are rare and are limited to people who have immune systems that are severely compromised with other illnesses. Unfortunately, cold sores are very contagious and no one wants to take the chance of experiencing their own outbreak. The fact that an estimated 90 percent of the adult population is already carrying the virus in their system will do little to encourage people to feel comfortable when they are in close contact with someone with a cold sore.

8. Medications are often ineffective.

People spend a lot of money on prescriptions, OTC creams and homeopathic remedies that do very little to prevent their cold sores or make them go away. It is a shame because there are solutions, but many people continue to try the same old ineffective remedies over and over.

9. Chronic sufferers know another outbreak is always possible.

Some people are lucky enough to experience a cold sore only once in their life or one every few years. Many sufferers experience them regularly and often go through times when they have outbreaks that last weeks or longer without any relief.

10. Everyone stares.

Cold sores are impossible for anyone to ignore and the attention is often nerve wracking. Some will attempt to ignore the lesion through uncomfortable levels of direct eye contact. Others will not even try to ignore it. Insensitive individuals, friends trying to be funny or children will often point out the blemish. Some do this in an attempt to lighten the moment and make it seem less important. This attempt will always fail.

There is a solution:

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