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Three Laws to Know When Working With Cold Sores

Cold sores are not fun for anyone and they do concern a lot of people despite the rarity of them developing into a serious health issue. Most of the time they are nothing more than an annoyance and a potentially embarrassing blemish. However, when it comes to going to work with a visible cold sore […]

Seven Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Sore Outbreaks

Cold sore outbreaks rarely happen without people having a few questions. There always seems to be something new to discover no matter how many sores people experience or how many years the problem has existed. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people ask. Is this a cold sore? Yes – […]

Five Real-life Lessons About Cold Sore Outbreaks

Everyone has heard the dire warnings of strange illnesses caused by seemingly minor incidents. Cold sore sufferers are no different. Most have read about or been told directly of the need to be cautious during outbreaks for the fear of contracting an infection or spreading the virus. The most severe threats are rare but genuine. […]

Five Cliches About Cold Sore Outbreaks to Avoid

Everyone has plenty of advice and comments when cold sore develops. People that experience them regularly will have heard the same advice and thoughts repeatedly over the years. Most of the remarks are spoken in kindness and others are simply a matter of misinformation. However, there are beliefs and common cliches that do nothing to […]

Seven Reasons Not to Invest In Cold Sore Outbreaks

That familiar tingling, burning sensation has begun. When chronic cold sore sufferers notice this feeling many will instantly head to the drug store to purchase the products to cover up the impending sore and eliminate some of the discomfort. They will schedule an appointment with their doctor or make a trip to the natural foods […]

5 Unbelievable Facts About Cold Sores

There is so much to know about cold sores. It makes sense that an almost endless amount of information regarding the virus exists since the infection is experienced by nearly 4 billion people worldwide. Most chronic sufferers understand the misery of an outbreak and the basic details of the virus that causes them. However, they […]

11 Common Cold Sore Misconceptions

Effective cold sore management relies on understanding the difference between common myths and the truth about the virus. People are better able to make sensible choices when they know everything about the cause, behavior and treatment methods relating to cold sores. Here is the truth about 11 common myths that anyone managing chronic outbreaks should […]

Seven Things Everyone Hates About Cold Sore Outbreaks

Cold sores do not discriminate. They appear on all colors of skin, affect people of all ages and strike the affluent as easily as those struggling to get by. They are also disliked by all of these people equally. Anyone that repeatedly struggles with the nasty blisters will instantly understand how someone else is feeling […]

The 5 Signs People Need Help With Their Cold Sores

Type 1 Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) may sound frightening but this contagious viral disease is better known as the virus that causes cold sores. This type of the virus is not considered an STD and it is incredibly common. The majority of people that carry the virus do not even realize they have it because […]

9 Surprising Fever Blister Facts Many People Do Not Know

Fever blisters or cold sores are a common problem that everyone has seen at some point in their life. It is an annoying and unsightly cluster of blisters that is usually seen on or around the lips. Most people think they know all about these annoying blemishes, but there are many facts that may surprise […]