Seven Reasons Not to Invest In Cold Sore Outbreaks

That familiar tingling, burning sensation has begun. When chronic cold sore sufferers notice this feeling many will instantly head to the drug store to purchase the products to cover up the impending sore and eliminate some of the discomfort. They will schedule an appointment with their doctor or make a trip to the natural foods store for some essential oils. In the end, they will have spent money and time on healing a sore that still took a week or longer to finally fade away. It is time to stop this behavior.

  • Doctors cannot offer a cure.
  • Doctors cannot prescribe something that will stop any future outbreaks.
  • Prescription medications only heal the sore a day or two sooner.
  • OTC medications are a weaker version of prescription solutions.
  • Products designed to hide the sore rarely work.
  • Some essential oils or homeopathic cures may aggravate the skin.
  • Lysine supplements are unnecessary because lysine is already in whole milk.

Continuing to waste time and money only adds to the frustration people experience in the middle of another outbreak. It is time to forget folk remedies and to stop redoing everything that did not work last time. Here, in four simple steps, is how to work on eliminating the problem effectively.

1. Get healthy. Find ways to reduce stress, eat a healthy diet and drink more milk.

2. Use sunblock. There are proven links between excessive sun exposure and cold sore development.

3. Boost your immune system. Get plenty of sleep, take a multivitamin and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

4. Buy The Inhibitor. It is an affordable device that works painlessly to stop cold sore development and heal cold sores quickly. (Bonus buy – it also treats other skin blemishes too.)

The majority of people will discover that these four steps will do more than what the seven previous investments could not. Cold sores are not curable and the virus that causes them will never leave the body. However, that does not mean that people have to resign themselves to suffering from the sores repeatedly. A dedicated effort and the right solution may make it possible to be someone that is free from the annoyance of another a cold sore.